The Bridge Marathon — Brisbane

Read about how BOH changed
the lifes of 2 sisters

This event is organised to help Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope program in South Asia. Its aim is to raise awareness and funds to help break the poverty cycle that traps the "untouchable" children of India. 100% of all sponsorship monies raised goes to the program where kids are cared for, educated, and given hope for the future.

The course starts at Teralba Park in Mitchelton and finishes at Crockett Park, Woody Point. View Course Overview

Come and join the hundreds of walkers who will Bridge the Gap and Change a Child's Life! You can walk, run or ride the full 42kms, form a relay team, or walk a part of the trail as a family.

Next Bridge Marathon: August 2, 2014

Total Funds Raised 2013: $ 61,966.35
A big thank you to all our participants and sponsors! - Great effort!!!     

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Desperately Searching for Survival

"You've got to do something!" the parents of the village begged. They lived in deep poverty, rejected by society and ignored by the government. Their only source of water was a hole in the ground a half mile away containing polluted, bacteria-infected water. Because of waterborne illnesses, 18 of their beloved children died in one year's time.

The Bridge of Hope centers provide school supplies, a daily meal, medical checkups and more. With your help, we can reach many more villages like this one with the hope found in Christ. And this is only the beginning!


Give hope to a child in Asia today. "Sponsor a Marathoner"

Touching the Untouchables


This short documentary, "Touching the Untouchables" graphically tells the story of the Dalits the "untouchables" of India.

One third of India's 1 billion population are the Dalits numbering approximately 300 million.


Every day life for a Dalit child is a Marathon!

There are more children in India than any other country in the world. Every day many of them live in acute danger of being trafficked, maimed, or sold into slavery.

Many of the children have parents who are bonded labourers.

You can walk your own marathon and change this by making an investment in their freedom and their future.

Without your help, most cannot stay in school or escape the poverty that puts them at risk for commercial sexual exploitation, forced labour, or bonded labour.


About Gospel For Asia

Gospel For Asia provides Bridge Of Hope Centres and Rescue Homes for more than 60,000 needy children in South Asia. Millions more desperately need our help!

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