To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ ;

It sometimes happens that the Lord calls you to a task much too large for your imagined capabilities. Such was the case with me, and even at this stage of the process I still suffer from feelings of inadequacy. I mean total inadequacy ! However that may be, I keep forging ahead as though driven by a force I know to be the Holy Spirit.

It all started quite a few years ago. I had been working as a volunteer with street kids for twelve years, and even though I knew it to be an extremely worthwhile ministry, in the end, the sordidness and misery of their lives began to depress my own spirit, and I knew my time with them was coming to an end.

At the same time I was personally studying the Psalms and writing my thoughts about each one. I felt inside the need to express something of the nobility and breath taking beauty of the ideas contained within them, and that expression needed, not only the written word, but a pictorial representation of them as well. With this in mind, I enrolled in an art class at TAFE where I studied the basics of art for two years.

“Lord are You sure I am heading in the right direction? “ was often in my mind and prayers, and the Lord would graciously assure me that I was, giving me many, many confirmations that this was exactly what He required of me.

And so the journey began. But what a journey it has been thus far ! Unravelling the Psalms verse by verse and word by word in an effort to understand it’s deepest meanings has had the effect of setting my feet upon the solid rock of God’s amazing love and care for His own.

All the while, I have been acutely aware of His guiding hand in all that I have written and painted, to the point that I feel quite a fraud really, for I know that this has been all His work and not my own. That is why I give God all the glory.

My prayer all along has been that the Lord should be exulted and lifted up in the heart and mind of any who might chance to see the work, and that my brothers and sisters in Christ might be encouraged in their faith, as I have been.

It has also been my deepest desire that any money raised from the sale of the paintings and the book soon to be ( hopefully ) printed, should all be given to the Lord’s work. For that reason, I have decided to donate 100% of all monies raised to Gospel for Asia, a missionary enterprise of the utmost integrity, operating all across the south east Asian region.

You can be assured that no money donated to this most worthy enterprise is used for administrative purposes, but is used exclusively for the spread of the gospel through it’s many channels of operation.

The time is short and the work is large!

May the dear Lord bless you all.
Your sister in Christ
Jill Vine

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