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transforming communities through Christ's love
Run, Walk or Ride --- 13km, 27km or the 42km marathon and together we can change these shocking facts:
  • 10 million children in India live on the streets
  • There are 11 million child labourers in India
  • Tens of thousands of girls from the poorest parts of Asia are trafficked every year
  • 10,000 prostitutes work in Delhi alone — what happens to their children?
  • 50,000 women go missing every month because of gender bias — what happens to their children?

Children are vulnerable to many forms of abuse and have long been victims of trafficking for the purpose of both sexual and labour exploitation

Each day 25,000 children die through the effects of poverty (that’s 1 child death every 3 seconds). There are officially 20 million slaves in the world. Unofficially, the experts agree that it’s much closer to the 100 million mark. Many of those are young children enslaved into prostitution.

A United Nations official has described the trafficking of women and children across Asia as “the largest slave trade in history”. Education of women and children who run a risk of being trafficked was cited as crucial in preventing the trade. By keeping at-risk children in school and living at home, they are less vulnerable to being sold or lured by promises of jobs, only to find themselves in brothels or trapped as slaves.

GFA has a burden to reach these children and has established a network of Bridge of Hope (BOH) centres in 5 nations, bringing hope and providing education to those who would otherwise never have the opportunity to break out of their hopelessness. At the BOH centres these children learn to read and write, and are taught many other skills that save them from the vulnerability of those who would exploit them.


Daya 15!

A Story of hope Daya a young girl who lost her parents but was given hope. Daya joined the Bridge of Hope center wedged between a railway station and a slum. Even there, she stuck out as the poorest of the poor. Having lived much of her life in the slums, she knew little of hygiene and came to class in the same dirty clothes each day. On the rare occasion when she did bathe, she didn't use soap. After being abandoned by her parents and begging on the streets, Daya joined a Bridge of Hope center at the age of 8. Daya is now 15 read her story

Give children a hope and a future

Register now — Raise $200 — and help us rescue hundreds of children from the bonds of poverty and human trafficking forever! GFA doesn't only patch the problem, they prevent the problem at the ground roots — through education in BOH centres! Red more about our BOH centres here

Join us on 1st August and take a stand against this exploitation — register now

100% of what you raise goes to provide education for these children

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